Courtenay Little Theatre’s Christmas production will be Disney’s The Little Mermaid, directed by Brian Mather with musical direction by Denise Marquette and choreography by Ashley Schmidt.

Auditions will be held on the weekends of June 7 & 8 with call backs on June 15 in the CLT Space located at Unit A-B 2683 Moray Ave.

  • Friday June 7 will be an information session, learn the music for the selected songs and sign-up for individual times on Saturday.
  • Saturday June 8 will be individual auditions of 15 minutes each.
  • Saturday June 15 will be call backs.

It is a large cast that requires a mix of teens and adults. This is a high energy show with lots of song and dance and hijinks along with the very poignant story.

We are looking for a core group of dancers (6 or so) who will handle most of the choreography

Please contact the producer, Kirstin Humpherys, at to express your intention to audition. If you are unable to attend auditions on these dates, please contact the director, Brian Mather, at to make alternate arrangements.

The audition/production information package contains the audition form, the audition monologues and the audition songs.



We look forward to hearing from you. If you are unable to attend the audition session, please contact the director to arrange an alternate date.


** indicates the parts will be doubled
Ariel – mermaid, King Triton’s youngest daughter
Pilot – Helmsman of Prince Eric’s ship **
Prince Eric – a human monarch
Grimsby – guardian of Prince Eric
Flounder – a fish, Ariel’s best friend
Scuttle – seagull, expert in human artifacts
Windward & Leeward – trumpet fish, heralds in King Triton’s court
King Triton – King of the Sea
Sebastian – a crab, king Triton’s advisor
Flotsam & Jetsam – eels, lackeys to Ursula
Ursula – Sea Witch, Triton’s sister
Chef Louis – palace chef **
Sailors (4) **
Mersisters (6) – Ariel’s older sisters **
Gulls (3-4) **
Maids **
Sous Chefs (6-8) **
Princesses – potential wives for Prince Eric **
Assorted water creatures **
Water (6-8 dancers) **