By Agatha Christie

Director: Ross Stephanson
Producers: Maybeth Hoagland and Shari Jakubiec
Stage Manager: Ruth Dilts
Costume Designer: Gail Limber
Set Designer: Robert Moon
Lighting Designer: Andrew Taylor

Performance Dates at the Sid Williams Theatre – October 4-12

Ivor Brown of The Observer said in the issue of 1 November, 1953 that the play had, “all the usual advantages of Counsel in conflict, agonized outbreak in the dock, and back-answers from the witness-box. To these are added a considerable and ingenious appendix; the jury’s verdict is only the beginning of a story that has as many twists as a pigtail.”

Philip Hope-Wallace in The Guardian’s issue of 30 October 1953 said of the ending, “Justice has been done and has been seen to be done. We nod approvingly, at which moment Mrs Christie says in effect “Oh, so you thought that did you?” and with an unforeseen twist of the cards lets us see how wrong we were. This is satisfying, but it makes criticism almost impossible; first, one must not give away the clue and second, one must reconsider whether those witnesses who seemed the most plausible were not, in fact, less good players than those who seemed somehow not quite ‘in character'”. Nevertheless, Hope-Wallace did admit that the opening night was, “a great success” and stated that the play presented a, “well-made, humorous, exciting case”.

(in order of appearance)

Carter – Annie Lord
Greta – Emily Macham
Mr Mayhew – Jim Hockley
Sir Wilfred Robarts – Bill Chadwick
Leonard Vole – Nate Schmold
Inspector Roberta Hearn – Leigh Carter
Romaine Vole – Christine St. Arnaud
Women Juror – Doris McLaughlin
Foreman – Larry Stevens
Clerk – Camille Soper
Usher – Gary Caine
Myers – Jim McQuillan
Judge – Kirsten Harris
Dr Wyatt – Connor Berkmann
Policeman – Jerry Pittman
Janet MacKenzie – Adele Bailey
Theresa Clegg – Tracey Hill
Girl – Sienna Orbell