Director: Ross Stephanson
Producers: Maybeth Hoagland and Shari Jakubiec
Stage Manager: Ruth Dilts
Costume Designer: Gail Limber
Set Designer: Robert Moon
Lighting Designer: Andrew Taylor

Performance Dates at the Sid Williams Theatre – October 4-12
, 2019
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Unraveling the mystery of murder makes a compelling story and Agatha Christie’s “Witness for the Prosecution” is one of the best.
During the fearful days of cold-war London a brutal killing stirs up outrage, a suspect goes to trial where mounting evidence and contradictory testimony frame the central questions under layers of self-serving deceitfulness and lies: what is the truth, who can we believe, and do I trust my own eyes and ears? If you were on this jury what would your judgement be?

Christie’s characters are richly diverse, her twisting plot guaranteed to excite, and Courtenay Little Theatre’s talented actors and dedicated production team are going to take you on a most entertaining ride which accelerates dangerously toward a thrilling conclusion.

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“Witness for the Prosecution” was originally produced by Peter Saunders at the Winter Garden Theatre, London, on the October 28, 1953.

“Witness for the Prosecution” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

(in order of appearance)

Carter – Annie Lord
Greta – Emily Macham
Mr. Mayhew – Jerry Pittman
Sir Wilfred Robarts – Ross Stephanson
Leonard Vole – Nate Schmold
Inspector Roberta Hearn – Leigh Carter
Romaine Vole – Christine St. Arnaud
Women Juror – Doris McLaughlin
Foreman – Ray Garford
Clerk – Camille Soper
Usher – Gary Caine
Myers – Jim McQuillan
Judge – Kirsten Harris
Dr. Wyatt – Connor Berkmann
Policeman – Jim Hockley
Janet MacKenzie – Adele Bailey
Theresa Clegg – Tracey Hill
Girl – Sienna Orbell

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