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Directed by Robinson Wilson

The cast and crew of The Tempest were honoured with the following awards at the 2016 North Island Zone Drama Festival:

Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Specialty Props - Marianne Harris
Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Puppets and Prosthesis - Joe Julien
Certificate of Merit for Best Youth Actor - Aidan Martin
Best Lighting Design - Robinson Wilson
Best Set Design - Jay Crowder
Best Costume Design - Molly Hilliar
Honourable Mention for Best Director - Robinson Wilson
Honourable Mention for Best Production
Best Backstage Coordination




A desert island in an unknown sea. Population four: one exiled sorcerer, his teenage daughter and their two servants; both magical spirits, one of air and water, the other of earth and fire. Twelve years after his banishment, the sorcerer Prospero finds his Milanese enemies ship-wrecked and at his mercy.
“We are such stuff as dreams are made on...”


Prospero                Ross Stephanson
Ariel                    Sophie Bouey
Caliban                Aidan Martin
Miranda                Aidan Passingham
Ferdinand                 Brad Arlitt
Alonso                     Wes Buckle
Anthonio                Martin Crilly
Sebastian                David Bacica
Lord Gonzalo                 Terry Penney
Francisco                 Jacob Fussell and Cam Macaulay
Trinculo                 Adam Millwater
Stephano                Daniel Comeau
Boteswaine and Royal Guard        Nathaniel Johnson
Deckhand and Warrior        Larry Stevens

Ariel’s Demonic Cohort:
Kaylin Wadsworth 
Tara Colbourne

Selah Mckinnon


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