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Call for Actors for Humble Boy - Jan 12-14, 2018

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Follow Anne Shirley as she warms the hearts of the population of Avonlea at the turn of the century. We share her hopes and dreams, her conflicts, her disasters and her fulfillment. The place is Prince Edward Island, the time is 1905. Anne Shirley is an unwanted orphan who seizes her one change at being accepted and finding happiness. We follow Anne’s adventures with Matthew and Marilla, her conflict with Rachel Lynde and other members of the Ladies Aid, her friendship with soul-mate Diana Barry and her turmoil over Gilbert Blythe. The show is full of hummable tunes and youthful hijinks as it explores social issues that are as relevant today as they were in 1905. Share the warmth, energy and humour of an iconic Canadian family musical that has been seen around the world – from Toronto to London to Stockholm to Tokyo and places in between.

What better way to finish the year that celebrates the 150th founding of Canada’s Confederation than seeing Anne of Green Gables – The Musical? Bring the whole family for a special Christmas treat.


Anne Shirley - Charlotte Greaves
Matthew Cuthbert - Tony Arnold
Marrila Cuthbert - Esther Donovan
Gilbert Blythe - Joe Taylor Harding
Rachel Lynde - Alana Gowdy
Diana Berry - Sarah Collins
Josie Pye - Ryann Leet
Miss Muriel Stacy - Sienna Orbell
Mrs. Macpherson - Camille Soper
Mrs. Sloane - Laura Corey
Mrs. Pye - Jessie Hargreaves
The Minister - Larry Stevens
Earl - Robin Sutmoller
Cecil - Bruce Muir
Mrs. Spencer - Michelle Sinclair
Mrs. Blewett - Nicole Gish
Prissie Andrews - Christina Reed
Ruby Gillis - Mary Grant
Tillie Boulter - Esme Schovanek
Gertie Pye - Jessica Wood
Moody Macpherson - Mark Biollo
Gerry Buote/Tommy Sloane - Taite Marcoux
Dr. Malcome Andrews/Mr. Phillips (teacher) - Aidan Reimer
Lucilla - Kara Derma
Mrs. Barry - Krista Wood
Stationmaster - Gary Caine

Chris Taylor
Peggy Carlson
Debbie Haynes

Celie Lacasse
Oceanie Rainville
Maia Schultz
Ella Greaves
Jimmy Hampshire
Nicholas Zowtuck


"Anne of Green Gables (Harron)" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

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