Sid Williams
Mike Butler
Gail Limber
Audrey Gwendoline
Mary Catherine Lawlor
Art Collins
Jeannine Taylor
Kirstin Humpherys
Nancy Parker
Tony Arnold
Richard Kerton
Terry Penney
Judy Kimber
Shari Jakubiec
Jay Crowder


  • The Life Time Membership Committee, made up of three life time members, will call for submissions from the general membership once a year.
  • A selection list of suitable candidates will be given to the board by the committee.
  • Submissions will include the nominee’s name and a paragraph explaining why that person deserves the award and how he/she meets the criteria set out below.
  • The committee reserves the right not to choose a recipient every year.


  • The award will be given at the discretion of the CLT Board of Directors, and it will be presented at the AGM and/or the annual Christmas party.
  • The board reserves the right not to choose a recipient each year.


Nominees will meet the following criteria:

  • Ten years membership in CLT
  • Dedication to club activities
  • Production participation
  • Preference given to past or present members of the Board of Directors.
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