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Spring 2022

Girl in the Goldfish Bowl


Girl in the Goldfish Bowl
by Morris Panych

Directed by Catherine Hannon
Produced by Terry Penney and Eric Macdonald


Looking for 2 male and 3 female actors, 20-50 years old

Courtenay Little Theatre rehearsal space
2683 Moray Avenue, Units A & B, Courtenay
over Zoom.

Please contact Terry Penney at ttp9@shaw.ca to arrange your audition.

Audition Information

      • All attendees must be double vaccinated and present their vaccination cards.
      • You may obtain a copy of the script and/or audition scenes in advance of the auditions from Terry Penney, please email him at ttp9@shaw.ca
      • If you have any questions or cannot make the times above, please contact Catherine Hannon c/o ttp9@shaw.ca
      • Rehearsal Dates: January 8- March 26, 2022, 1-3 times per week, 2 evenings and one weekend afternoon.

Performance Dates

      • Sid Williams Theatre, Courtenay March 31-April 9, 2022
      • Theatre BC, North Island Zone Festival, 1 performance, week of May 15-21, 2022, Sid Williams Theatre, Courtenay
      • Possible performance at Theatre BC Mainstage Festival, week of July 8-16, Vernon, BC

Play Synopsis

A comedy set in October, 1962, during the Cuban Missile crisis, Girl in the Goldfish Bowl tells the story of the last moments of childhood for Iris, a wise, irrepressible ten year old, who is trying to navigate the domestic crisis of her parents’ crumbling marriage even as the entire world teeters on the edge of nuclear war. When a mysterious stranger who closely resembles her beloved dead goldfish appears, Iris hopes he may be the answer to their problems. Set in a boarding house in a cannery town near Vancouver, this Governor General’s Award-winning comedy follows Iris’ journey full of hope, heartbreak and halibut with a quirky blend of humour and compassion.


IRIS (note: played by an adult), 10, precocious, curious, verbal, active and needy. Her goal is to keep her family together.

SYLVIA, 30-40, IRIS’ non-maternal mother, trapped by marriage and motherhood, trying to leave the family.

OWEN, 30-40, a war vet, unemployed, escaping his pain through drugs and physics. Loves Sylvia.

MR. LAWRENCE, 25-45, an anxious, sensitive, and confused stranger who may or may not be a poet, lunatic and/or criminal.

ROSE, 40-50, a cynical, hard drinking, opportunistic boarder who has her eyes on OWEN. Works at the cannery by day, parties hard at the Legion at night.

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